WHAT IS SELF CARE? | The 411 on how to care for all things Y-O-U!

You've definitely heard this buzz word before, but is it everything you think it is? Truth is, there's more to caring for yourself than bubblebaths, face masks, and candles - WAY MORE. Here are the pillars of self-care and what it really means to care for yourself in every way.

1. Hygiene & Beauty

Okay, I know I said it was more than bubblebaths and painting your nails, but grooming yourself is a big foundation of self-care. What do you do to care for your appearance & hygiene? Think about it, taking a shower, brushing your teeth, shaving your legs - these are all self-care practices that help nurture your vessel. Are you aware of the products that you use to do these things? Replacing your synthetic and chemical laden self-care products can be the first step to a solid self-care routine!

2. Brain Power

Your brain is a muscle - if you don't use it, you'll lose it. What are things that you do to stimulate the mind? This can include puzzles, learning a new skill, picking up a new language? Studies about dementia show that one of the best ways to prevent memory loss is to challenge your brain daily.

3. Mental Health

Mental health requires a different part of your brain and encompasses your inner thoughts and emotions. Anxiety, depression, anger, and even happiness all play a role in your mental health. What are the things that you do to check in with how you're feeling/thinking? Some people journal, practice meditation, seek counseling, etc.!

4. Physical Health & Fitness

The things that you do to take care of your internal body is all a part of self care also. Movement and nutrition are big hallmarks of this type of healthcare. These practices (if adopted early enough) can set you up for a quality life, free of disease and pain and also allow you maintain a level of activity throughout your life.

5. Creative Expression

Each and every human being (whether we are aware of it or not) has the capacity to express their inner creativity in some form. Whether its making art or music, building something, or simply expressing yourself through fashion, these are all outlets that play into the way we care for our happiness and thus play a role in our self-care.

6. Spiritual Alignment

A belief in a higher power or the power of the universe is something that is fluid and individualistic to each person. How we connect with the metaphysical world is part of how we find strength, purpose, love, and for many people a sense of comfort. These values help align us with our beliefs and morals that influence our everyday decisions.

7. Rest & Relaxation

How we recharge is just as important as how we work. 

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